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Of Time and the City Of Time and the City

Terence Davies / United Kingdom / 2008 / 72 min / English

Faces Places Visages Villages

Agnès Varda, JR / France / 2017 / 89 min / Slovene subtitles, French

Agnès Varda joins teams up with artist street JR, who shares her love for regular people and their stories to create a warm and soulful road movie – a moving meditation on friendship, transience and the power of art. Winner for Best Documentary at Cannes, and nominated for an Academy Award.

About Endlessness Om det oändliga

Roy Andersson / Sweden, Norway, Germany / 2019 / 76 min / Swedish

O pravem času A Stitch in Time

Robert Asher, GB 1963 / 1963

On Body and Soul Testről és lélekről

Ildikó Enyedi / Hungary / 2017 / 116 min / Hungarian

In this unconventional love story, two introverted people, both workers at a meat-processing plant, find out by chance that they share the same dream every night. Although puzzled and frightened at first, they begin to accept this strange coincidence and try to recreate what happens in their shared subconscious.

Of Gates and of Deserts Des portes et des déserts

Loredana Bianconi / Belgium / 2021 / 84 min

O Beautiful Night O Beautiful Night

Xaver Böhm / Germany / 2019 / 89 min / Korean, German, Russian

Replete with dark oneiric images evocative of human mortality, this unusual nocturnal odyssey stars Slovenian actor Marko Mandić in a leading role.

O.K. šef O.K. Patron

Claude Vital, F 1974 / 1974

Oaza deklet El oasis de las chicas perdidas

José Jara (=John O'Hara), E/F 1981 / 1981

Along the Road Little Child Pitkin tietä pieni lapsi

Susanna Helke in Virpi Suutari / Finland, Denmark / 2005 / 79 min / Finnish

Obad Ovod

Aleksandr Mihajlovič Fajncimmer, SU 1955 / 1955

Obala The Beach

Danny Boyle, USA 2000 / 2000

The Color Wheel The Color Wheel

Alex Ross Perry / USA / 2011 / 83 min

Adoration Adoration

Atom Egoyan / Canada / 2008 / 100 min / English, French, Hebrew

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project Szelíd teremtés - A Frankenstein-terv

Kornél Mundruczó / Hungary, Germany, Austria / 2010 / 105 min / Hungarian

The Age of Shadows Miljeong

Kim Jee-woon / South Korea / 2016 / 140 min / English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese

The adrenaline-ridden action movie based on real incidents brings to the screen the story of South Korean liberation movement against Japanese colonial rule.

Obešenjakova Tončka Tonka Šibenice

Karl Anton, CS 1930 / 1930

Obesite ga Pedro soll hängen

Veit Harlan, GER 1941 / 1941