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Kinodvor’s Programme for Schools
Kinodvor's programme for schools is part of Kinodvor's award-winning educational programme for young audiences. Every school year, it provides a variety of films, talks and workshops for around 20,000 children and young people at all levels of their educational path.

The programme provides regular screenings and activities for kindergarten, primary and secondary school groups to inspire future film enthusiasts. It involves regular events almost every weekday morning and occasional special events for schools at all the regular festivals held at Kinodvor.

Kinodvor publishes an annual School Catalogue, which is sent to every educational institution in Slovenia, from which teachers can select a programme. Details of the films in our programmes are listed in our Online School Catalogue. Teachers are provided with a range of educational materials detailing various films and their themes. Besides regular screenings for schools and kindergartens the programme also offers a variety of educational events for pedagogues, from international conferences to film-inspired talks about pedagogical dilemmas. Films for children and young people are accompanied by talksworkshops, an online Cinema Playground and printed booklets for young children.

Schools and educational institutions with foreign language programmes and classes are invited to projections of films in English, French, Spanish and other languages. School programmes at several film festivals (the Ljubljana International Film Festival LIFFe, Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Kinotrip International Festival, City of Woman, Kino Otok/Isola Cinema …) often provide films screened with English subtitles. Further information can be found in our Online School Catalogue or provided on request:

More about Kinodvor’s programme for schools (in Slovene).

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