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Jonas Govaerts / Belgium / 2022 / 88 min

Noah really loves his girlfriend, his daughter and his car, but after accepting a seemingly simple driving job, he finds himself in a race that could result in him losing either his beloved car, his family or his life. Shot almost entirely from the inside of the car, this fast pace film banging with 90s trance and euro house is an over-the-top celebration of the lawlessness only genre cinema can afford. Be it wild chases, animal attacks, grenades, or straight on tripping, the viewer becomes the passenger in the backseat on this crazy ride through Antwerp.

Habemus Papam Habemus Papam

Nanni Moretti / Italy / 2011 / 104 min

Habibi Habibi Rasak Kharban

Susan Youssef / 2011 / 80 min

Hadewijch Hadewijch

Bruno Dumont / France / 2009 / 105 min / English, Arabic, French

Hafez Hafez

Abolfazl Jalili / Iran, Japan / 2007 / 98 min / Persian

Hahaha Hahaha

Hong Sang-soo / South Korea / 2010 / 115 min / Korean

Hail, Caesar! Hail, Caesar!

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen / United Kingdom, Japan, USA / 2016 / 106 min / English

Half a Confession Han-ochi

Sasabe Kiyoshi / Japan / 2004 / 122 min / Japanese

Half-Half Pola-Pola

Eva Matarranz, Florence Guenaut / Slovenia / 2014 / 9 min / Bosnian, Macedonian

Half-Sister Polsestra

Damjan Kozole / Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia / 2019 / 105 min / Slovene

Due to a combination of circumstances, two estranged half-sisters from Izola are forced to live together in a small rented apartment in Ljubljana. English Subtitles

Halima's Path Halimin put

Arsen A. Ostojić / Croatia, Slovenia / 2012 / 93 min

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

King Vidor / USA / 1929

Hamlet Hamlet

Kenneth Branagh / United Kingdom, USA / 1996

Handlebar Moustache Sebil-e mardouneh

Sebil-e mardouneh / Iran / 2007 / 90 min / Slovene subtitles, Persian / 7+

Handsome Serge Le beau Serge

Claude Chabrol / France / 1958 / 98 min / French

Hanging Garden Kûchû teien

Toyoda Toshiaki / Japan / 2005 / 114 min / Japanese

Hannah Hannah

Andrea Pallaoro / Italy, France, Belgium / 2017 / 95 min / English, French

Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt

Margarethe von Trotta / Germany / 2012 / 113 min / German, English

Hansa Studios: By The Wall 1976-90 Hansa Studios: By The Wall 1976-90

Mike Christie / United Kingdom / 2018 / 90 min / English

Few studios have hosted as many excellent musicians as Hansa, Berlin. No other studio offers such a unique environment as this isolated building standing in the middle of the Potsdam Square, abandoned at the time, in West Berlin, only a few metres from the wall.

Happening L'événement

Audrey Diwan / France / 2021 / 100 min / French

An adaptation of Annie Ernaux’s eponymous novel, looking back on her experience with abortion when it was still illegal in France in the 1960s. Winner of Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Happily Ever After Ljubavna odiseja / Happily Ever After

Tatjana Božić / Croatia, Netherlands / 2014 / 83 min / English, Croatian, Dutch, Russian

Happiness Machine Happiness Machine

various / 70 min

A programme of short films that connects 10 women animators and 10 women composers from all over Europe, who were asked by Klangforum Wien and Tricky Women to consider the following topic: to what extent does the current economic climate affect our lives and pursuit of happiness.

Happy as Lazzaro Lazzaro felice

Alice Rohrwacher / Italy / 2018 / 125 min / Italian

Kind-hearted peasant Lazzaro meets Tancredi, a young aristocrat plagued with the curse of his own imagination. Life in their remote farming village Inviolata is shaped by the notorious marquess Alfonsina de Luna, the so-called “Queen of Cigarettes”. And when Tancredi begs Lazzaro to help him stage his own kidnapping, an unlikely friendship develops between the young men. Winner for Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival.

Happy End Happy End

Michael Haneke / France, Germany, Austria / 2017 / 108 min / French

Austrian auteur Michael Haneke returns with this murky farse about the blindness and indifference of the middle class.