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O Beautiful Night O Beautiful Night

Xaver Böhm / Germany / 2019 / 89 min / Korean, German, Russian

Replete with dark oneiric images evocative of human mortality, this unusual nocturnal odyssey stars Slovenian actor Marko Mandić in a leading role.

festivals, awards Berlinale 2019, Lucca 2019 (Student Jury Best Film), Amsterdam Imagine 2019 (Best European Film)


A young musician who is afraid to die, Juri is being followed by a black raven which causes the young hypochondriac’s heart to race. The bird drives him into the clutches of a mysterious man who speaks with an eastern European accent and claims to be Death himself. For Juri, a nocturnal odyssey begins which takes him through labyrinths of go-kart tracks, opium dens and chandeliers. He meets the fascinating Nina, who works in a peep show and becomes a passenger on Juri’s hellishly somnambulistic trip.

“The fear of dying has always been very present in my life and I wanted to make an honest film, something very personal. Also, growing up somehow takes the magic away and everything becomes a routine and becomes less fascinating. So, I wanted to explore again that feeling of finding the magic again, and that place for me is at night, when things are more unpredictable and in essence, mysterious.” (Xaver Böhm)

Xaver Böhm
Born in 1985, in Germany, Böhm is a Berlin-based freelance animator and filmmaker. He studied visual communication and interactive media in London and Berlin. He makes music videos for various artists and has written or co-written the music for all his films. O Beautiful Night marks his feature film debut.

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