The Box Office is open from 17:40 till 21:30 (will open in 01:35).
(Re-)Discovery Time! From September to April (except during film festivals, public holidays and official Summer holidays).

If you are passionate about movies and curious about the ones you don’t know, then Mondays might be something for you. Discovery is what Kinodvor’s new series is all about. Little gems that have never been screened in Slovenia; films from Asia, Latin-America and Africa that come all too rarely to our all too white screens; creations that have been circulating outside the mainstream film industry; canonized works that haven’t been shown for ages and are eagerly waiting to be discovered by new generations (and re-discovered by the others); or quite simply masterpieces that have never lost their strength, especially when projected and experienced  in a cinema hall. These are the kind of films you can expect on our schedule every Monday from September to April.

All of this might sound a little pompous, to some maybe even intimidating. But fear not and judge for yourself. Although judging is not the proper word. Mondays is not about passing a verdict. Neither is it about liking something or not. It is about discovering new ideas, approaches, styles, aesthetics, images, sounds… It is about an encounter with what you don’t know (or do know, but are keen to meet again). No prior knowledge is required. All you need is an open mind, a fair dose of curiosity, and a desire to learn and widen your horizon.