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“What is Kinotrip? Kinotrip is a really awesome festival for young people created by young people… Just a really cute little festival!” – Santana, a member of Kinotrip’s third generation

The Kinotrip International Film Festival is the biggest event in the Kinotrip programme. Curated and presented by and for young people, the annual festival offers a variety of films and events.

Kinotrip presents three days in October of films ranging in genre, content, length and country of origin. Other events include Q&As, film workshops, exhibitions, get-togethers and a party, all organised by young people, joined by members of various youth organisations.

The next festival edition will take place in October 2024. 

Comments from our young people about Kinotrip

»Drugs, unicorns, Bowie are three words that I’d use to describe this year’s Kinotrip. I applied because I like watching good films and hanging out with people who like watching good films.«
– Sinja, a member of Kinotrip’s fifth generation

»I think Kinotrip is a wonderful opportunity for people who’d like to participate in the film world, but also those who’d like to see a good film in the cinema.«
– Ajša, a member of Kinotrip’s fifth generation

»I think Kinotrip is a programme that enables you to explore the entire film scene.«
– Sara, a member of Kinotrip’s fourth generation

»Why Kinotrip? Definitely also because we have a lot of fun. The people at Kinotrip are great!«
– Graal, a member of Kinotrip’s third generation

»Taking part in Kinotrip was a terribly nice adventure. It was the first time that I found myself in a collective of young people where our creativity was encouraged and our opinion appreciated and where we could really create content for young people that we could relate to.«
– Liza, a member of Kinotrip’s first generation