The Traitor Il Traditore

Marco Bellocchio / Italy, Germany, France, Brazil / 2019 / 145 min / English, Italian, Sicilian

It’s the early eighties; Sicilian mafia bosses are fighting a bitter war for control over the heroin trade. From his hideout in Brazil, mafioso Tommaso Buscetta observes as his relatives at home are killed, knowing he might well be next. When he gets arrested by the Brazilian police and sent back to Italy, Buscetta makes a decision that will forever change the course of Mafia history: he decides to meet with judge Giovanni Falcone and break the vow he gave to the cosa nostra.

Potepušček Il vagabondo

Oreste Biancoli, Carlo Borghesio, I 1941 / 1941

Illegitimate Ilegitim

Adrian Sitaru / Romania / 2016 / 89 min / Romanian

Being denied state funding for its controversial examination of the issues of abortion and incest, the daring Romanian film was made on a shoestring budget as an acting improvisation.

Po nedolžnem obsojen Illegal

Lewis Allen, USA 1955 / 1955

Iluzija Illusion

Victor Tourjansky, GER 1941 / 1941

Ilona Ilona

Robert Dinesen, GER 1921 / 1921

In the Bazaar Of Sexes Im Bazar der Geschlechter

Sudabeh Mortezai / Austria, Iran / 2010 / 84 min

In the Basement Im Keller

Ulrich Seidl / Austria / 2014 / 85 min / German

Pri črnem konjičku Im schwarzen Rößl

Franz Antel (=Francois Legrand) / Austria / 1961

Tujec na begu Imbarco a mezzanotte

Andrea Forzano (=Joseph Lozey), I 1952 / 1952

V imenu revolucije Imenem revoljucii

Genrih Gabaj, SU 1964 / 1964

Imitation of Life Imitation of Life

Douglas Sirk / USA / 1959

Import/Export Import/Export

Ulrich Seidl / Austria, Germany, France / 2007 / 135 min / English, German, Russian, Slovak

In the Aisles In den Gängen

Thomas Stuber / Germany / 2018 / 125 min / German

When Christian loses his job on a construction site, he begins working at a supermarket. The introverted young man is soon taken under the fatherly wings of Bruno from the drinks aisle and falls in love with the secretive Marion, who stacks the confectionary shelves. They begin to meet frequently at the coffee machine, and Marion begins to warm up to this newcomer…

In Fear In Fear

Jeremy Lovering / United Kingdom / 2013 / 85 min

This is Not a Film In film nist

Jafar Panahi, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb / Iran / 2011 / 75 min

In Love In Love

Chuck Vincent / USA / 1983 / 96 min / English

A short and passionate night in Florida. Andy, a young businessman, and Jill, a flighty young woman, fall madly in love. But life has a different agenda for them. He returns to New York, marries his boss’s daughter, and starts climbing the advertising business ladder. She joins a cult in California, ends up in prison, and writes a best-seller. Times goes by, but Andy and Jill can’t let go of their night together.

Vojna divjih mačk In Old Oklahoma

Albert S. Rogell, USA 1943 / 1943

Otroka kapitana Granta In Search of the Castaways

Robert Stevenson, USA 1962 / 1962

In the Electric Mist In the Electric Mist

Bertrand Tavernier / USA, France / 2009 / 117 min / English

Ženska, ki poje Incendies

Denis Villeneuve / Canada, France / 2010 / 130 min