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Love and Other Crimes Ljubav i drugi zločini

Stefan Arsenijević / Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria / 2008 / 106 min

Ljubezen in jazz Tanzmusik

J. A. Hübler-Kahla, GER 1935 / 1935

Ljubezen in koprena Aršin mal alan

Rza Abbas Tahmasib, N. (Nestor) Leščenko, USA 1945 / 1945

Ljubezen in moda Ljubav i moda

Ljubomir Radičević, YU 1960 / 1960

Love & Friendship Love & Friendship

Whit Stillman / Ireland, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom, France / 2016 / 92 min / English

Beautiful young widow Lady Susan visits her in-laws’ estate in retreat from the rumours of her indiscretion that circulate polite society. She plots to secure a husband for herself and for her daughter, but complications arise as she captures the simultaneous attentions of young Reginald DeCourcy, wealthy and dim-witted Sir James Martin, and the handsome, but married, Lord Manwaring.

Ljubezen in strup Amori e veleni

Giorgio C. Simonelli, I 1950 / 1950

Love is Strange Love is Strange

Ira Sachs / USA / 2014 / 94 min / English

Love Is the Perfect Crime L'amour est un crime parfait

Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu / France, Switzerland / 2013 / 111 min / French

A thriller riddled with dark humour, Love Is the Perfect Crime stars the sensational Matthieu Amalric as a womanizer who is thrust into a whirlwind of unforeseen events and all-consuming passion after one of his lovers has gone missing.

Love Is All You Need Den skaldede frisør

Susanne Bier / Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France / 2012 / 116 min

Ljubezen kneza Menjiškova Spielereien einer Kaiserin

Vladimir Strizhevsky, GER 1929 / 1929

Ljubezen na begu Love on the Run

W. S. Van Dyke, USA 1936 / 1936

Ljubezen na bojišču The Battle Circus

Richard Brooks, USA 1953 / 1953

Love at First Fight Les combattants

Thomas Cailley / France / 2014 / 98 min / French / 15+

Teenage love blossoms in the wild South West France that replaces tender romance with comical training in preparation for the apocalypse.

The Big Sick The Big Sick

Michael Showalter / USA / 2017 / 120 min / English

Starring beloved comic Kumail Nanjiani, this semi-autobiographical film enchanted festival-goers at Sundance and Locarno.

Ljubezen na razpotju Vörös tinta

Viktor Gertler / Hungary / 1959

Ljubezen ni šala On ne badine pas avec l'amour

Gaston Ravel, Tony Lekain, F 1924 / 1924

Priceless Hors de prix

Pierre Salvadori / France / 2006 / 106 min / English, French