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Green Room Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier / USA / 2015 / 94 min

Greenery will bloom again Torneranno i prati

Ermanno Olmi / Italy / 2014 / 80 min

Greetings From Free Forests Greetings From Free Forests

Ian Soroka / Slovenia, USA, Croatia / 2018 / 99 min / Slovene

Drifting through the densely forested landscape of southern Slovenia, the film encounters stories that emerge from the land itself, measuring the gap between an event of popular resistance and its lingering remains within a foreclosed present.

Growing Up Odraščanje

Siniša Gačić, Dominik Mencej / Slovenia / 2017 / 79 min / Slovene

An intimate potrait of four-month-old Tibor and his mothers Daja and Jedrt, who battle discrimination of their familiy.

Guardians of the Formula Čuvari formule

Dragan Bjelogrlić / Serbia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro / 2023 / 120 min / Serbian, French

1958. A group of Yugoslav scientists who were exposed to a lethal dose of radiation during the alleged assembly of the atomic bomb are sent to Paris for treatment. Renowned doctor and researcher Georges Mathé proposes a revolutionary experiment: the first bone marrow transplant in history.

Guidelines La marche à suivre

Jean-François Caissy / Canada / 2014 / 76 min / French