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Haywire Haywire

Steven Soderbergh / USA / 2011 / 93 min / English

Duša se vrača Hazajáró lélek

Lajos Zilahy, H 1940 / 1940

In a Better World Hævnen

Susanne Bier / Denmark, Sweden / 2010 / 119 min

Daughter of Camorra Hči Camorre

Siniša Gačić / Slovenia, Italy / 2019 / 80 min / Italian

A Slovenian-Italian documentary about Cristina Pinto, also known as Nikita; once a notorious member of the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra, she has found herself facing the challenges of everyday life in the time since her release from prison.

Footnote Hearat Shulayim

Joseph Cedar / Israel / 2011 / 105 min

Nebeški ujetniki Heaven's Prisoners

Phil Joanou, USA/GB 1996 / 1996

Nebeška bitja Heavenly Creatures

Peter Jackson, NZ/GB/GER 1994 / 1994

Povratek k sreči Heimkehr ins Glück

Carl Boese, GER 1933 / 1933

Ženitbeni oglasi Heiratsannoncen

Fritz Kaufmann, GER 1925 / 1925

Ženitbeni goljuf Heiratsschwindler

Carl Boese, GER 1925 / 1925

Tiffany Heiße Semesterferien

Ilia Milonako, ZRN/GR 1983 / 1983

Vroči pesek otoka Sylt Heißer Sand auf Sylt

Jerzy Macc, Peter Savage, ZRN/USA 1968 / 1968

Helena - Padec Troje I. del Helena

Manfred Noa, GER 1924 / 1924

Helena - Padec Troje II. del Helena

Manfred Noa, GER 1924 / 1924

Lepa Helena Helena 1. ali (in) 2. del

Manfred Noa, GER 1924 / 1924

Helga in Mihael Helga und Michael

Erich F. Bender, ZRN 1968 / 1968

Peklenska krila Hell in the Heavens

John G. Blystone, USA 1934 / 1934

Pekel na Pacifiku Hell in the Pacific

John Boorman, USA 1968 / 1968

Hell or High Water Hell or High Water

David Mackenzie / USA / 2016 / 102 min / English

Bright Nights Helle Nächte

Thomas Arslan / Germany, Norway / 2017 / 86 min / German

Michael, a building engineer living in Berlin, finds out that his father has died. He heads for to the funeral in a remote part of northern Norway with his fourteen-year-old son Luis, with whom he has lost touch after his divorce. Hoping to get closer to his son, Michael plans an expedition across the region, but their meeting proves harder than he had imagined.

Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

Gero von Boehm / Germany / 2020 / 89 min / German, English, French

Helmut Newton’s controversial photos of—often nude—women always raised the question: did he empower his subjects or treat them merely as sexual objects? Gero von Boehm decided to ask the female stars of his iconic images. Candid interviews with celebrities such as Grace Jones, Charlotte Rampling and Isabella Rossellini are interspersed with a wealth of archival footage, home movies and, of course, scores of glossy photographs.