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What Do We See When We Look at the Sky? Ras vkhedavt, rodesac cas vukurebt?

Alexandre Koberidze / Georgia, Germany / 2021 / 148 min / Georgian

A tender, eccentric comedy with a fantastic plot twist, Koberidze’s second feature depicts love at first sight, football and a stray dog.

Smoking Causes Coughing Fumer fait tousser

Quentin Dupieux / France / 2022 / 80 min / French

The latest adventure from the leading French absurdist Quentin Dupieux (Mandibles) is a highly entertaining, highly unpredictable, and highly quirky homage to old-school superhero series.

Kajnov žig Let 'em Have It

Sam Wood, USA 1935 / 1935

How to Train Your Dragon How to Train Your Dragon

Dean DeBlois in Chris Sanders / USA / 2010 / 98 min / Slovene subtitles, English / 6+

How to Train Your Dragon 2 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Dean DeBlois / USA / 2014 / 105 min / Dubbed / 5+

Kako ljubi majka The Old Nest

Reginald Barker, USA 1921 / 1921

How to Be a Good Wife La bonne épouse

Martin Provost / France, Belgium / 2020 / 109 min / French

Alsace, the 1960s. Running a household and bending to conjugal duty is what Paulette Van Der Beck ardently teaches in her “housekeeping school” for girls. Her certainties are shaken when she finds herself widowed and ruined. But then her first love reappears. What if the good wife became a free woman? The spirit of May ’68 is certainly in the air… A comedy with Juliette Binoche in the lead.

The Crusade La croisade

Louis Garrel / France / 2021 / 67 min / Slovene subtitles, French / 12+

Abel and Marianne are terrified to discover that their 13-year-old son Joseph has secretly been selling their most precious possessions, only to find that he is not alone in this: hundreds of kids worldwide have banded together to finance a mysterious project… To write this eco-fantasy packed with humour and optimism, the director and actor Louis Garrel (The Innocent) teamed up with the legendary Jean-Claude Carrière.

Burying the Ex Burying the Ex

Joe Dante / USA / 2014 / 89 min / English

How to Have Sex How to Have Sex

Molly Manning Walker / United Kingdom / 2023 / 98 min / English

This British director’s debut feature offers a subtle and compassionate vision of teenage friendship, self-discovery and sexuality. Main award of the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Festival.

How I Ended This Summer Kak ja provjol etim letom

Aleksej Popogrebski / Russia / 2010 / 124 min / Russian

Kako skriti mrtveca Jo

Jean Girault, F 1971 / 1971

How to Change the World How to Change the World

Jerry Rothwell / 2015 / 110 min / English

Kako sva prišla k filmu Filmens helte

Lau Lauritzen, DK 1928 / 1928

How Do You Know How Do You Know

James L. Brooks / USA / 2011 / 121 min / English

Like Father, Like Son Soshite chichi ni naru

Hirokazu Koreeda / Japan / 2013 / 120 min

Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda’s cinematic representation of a parental dilemma has enthralled the Cannes Film Festival jury.

Kakšno me želiš? As You Desire Me

George Fitzmaurice, USA 1932 / 1932

Kala Azar Kala Azar

Janis Rafa / Greece, Netherlands / 2020 / 85 min / Greek

Visual artist Janis Rafa’s dystopic take on different types of relationships between humans and animals saturated with a sense of civilisation on the brink of collapse.