Izbira posameznika Swayamvaram

Adoor Gopalakrishnan / Indija / 1972 / 131 min / malajalščina

One's Own Choice is a pioneering work of the Malaysian new cinematography. Poetically portraying a bitter story, Gopalakrishnan introduces the average Malayan everyman to an utterly novel, innovative and fresh expression in the art of cinema.

Lovers Vishwam and Seeta have run away to the city. A frustrated would-be author, Vishwam is looking for a job. In straitened circumstances, the couple has to move into a low-priced hotel, soon resorting to squalor in a slum, with a prostitute as their neighbour. Vishwam gets a job as a teacher at a university, but soon loses it and finds employment in the wood industry. Penury thrusts him into illness …

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