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Animanimals Animanimals

Julia Ocker / Germany / 2018 / 25 min / No dialogue / 3+

Seven engaging and fun adventures of colourful little animals for the youngest.

We will meet seven different animals – a sheep, an elephant, a flamingo, a worm, a zebra, a snail and a bear – and set out with them on short adventures full of loony story lines, which always have a happy ending. The visually attractive award-wining animated series Animanimals will remind us that we have the best time when we play together.  

selected episodes
Five little sheep are grazing. Actually, only four are grazing! One of them prefers to courageously set out into the world alone – down the hill, splash into the stream, hop over a sleeping bear and steeply up to the top of the highest rock. Oh my, from there, she cannot go anywhere else! Her herd has no other choice but to go on a rescue mission, which will only succeed with the help of a good-natured bear. 

The elephant is sad and his long trunk tries to cheer him up. It loudly sings with all its might, but this only annoys the elephant. He tries to silence the trunk in any way possible until the latter becomes utterly offended. The elephant feels sorry and wonders what to do now. It would be best for him to sing loudly with all his might.  

Two fine flamingo ladies are preparing for a tea party. All is ready; a vase with flowers, beautiful cups and a cake on the table. In a nearby puddle, however, a little piglet is causing a commotion. The refined ladies decide to teach the piglet some manners. They clean him up and place him at the table. Now the tea party can begin! Is gracefully sipping tea really more fun than jumping around in muddy puddles?

The front and the rear end of the worm do not get along. While one wants to read, the other would rather listen to music. While the first likes taking showers, the other loves soaking in a hot bath. One day, they have enough of everything, so they split in half. They can finally do whatever they want! But they soon get bored. The truth is that it is nice to have your other end by your side.

One day, the zebra’s black-and-white pattern accidentally changes. She is no longer striped, but chequered, lined, spotty, blotchy and even flowery. The zebra confusedly runs hither and thither, not liking this new thing at all. All until the other zebras see her new patterns and are impressed by them!

One day a snail without a house meets two snails that have a house. He wants to be like them and his wish comes true when he finds an abandoned snail house in the grass. Great! Now the three of them can be friends. But the house is heavy and, above all, so uncomfortable to sleep in. Perhaps it is better to sleep under the open sky?

The bear prepares for his winter sleep. The wood has been chopped, the first snowflakes are here and the bear lies down to get some well-deserved rest. That is when a piercing chirping is heard. Who is disturbing the bear’s sleep? Where in the bear’s lair is the rascal hiding? Will the bear ever be able to go to sleep again?

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