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Zog and the Flying Doctors Zog and the Flying Doctors

Sean Mullen / United Kingdom / 2020 / 26 min / Dubbed / 3+

Zombi Child Zombi Child

Bertrand Bonello / France / 2019 / 103 min / French

French director Bertrand Bonello uses zombies as a metaphor for historical trauma whose echoes re-emerge to haunt new generations of white elites.

Zombillenium Zombillénium

Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord / France, Belgium / 2017 / 80 min / French

Zombillenium is an amusement park like no other: only genuine werewolves, vampires, zombies are employed there… for eternity. One day, Hector, a young compliance officer, comes to control the park’s safety and threatens to shut it down. Francis, the vampire who manages the park, has no choice but to bite him to protect their secret. Hector, transformed into an oddball monster, gets separated from his daughter Lucie, and finds himself trapped in the park. He is not a happy monster. And what if he were to become the new star attraction of Zombillenium?

Zoologija Zoology

Ivan I. Tverdovski / Russia, Germany, France / 2016 / 91 min / Russian

A fantastic story about a woman who one day grows a tail, Zoology is a candid narrative about self-reinvention in mature years.

Zoomers Zoomerne

Christian E. Christiansen / Denmark / 2009 / 85 min / Slovene subtitles, Danish / 8+

Zoran, my Nephew the Idiot Zoran, il mio nipote scemo

Matteo Oleotto / Italy, Slovenia / 2013 / 106 min

Zorn (2010-2016) Zorn (2010-2016)

Mathieu Amalric / France / 2017 / 54 min / English

The friendship between Mathieu Amalric and John Zorn goes back to 2010. Every time they meet Amalric grabs his camera. These two films are the result

Zorn III (2018–2022) Zorn III (2018–2022)

Mathieu Amalric / France / 2022 / 82 min / English

Mathieu Amalric has been filming New York composer and saxophonist John Zorn for twelve years. This time, Zorn asked opera singer Barbara Hannigan to perform his song Jumalattaret, inspired by Finnish pagan goddesses.

Zorro The Mask of Zorro

Martin Campbell, USA 1998 / 1998

Zou-Zou sestra ali ljubica Zouzou

Marc Allégret, F 1934 / 1934

The Mirror Ayneh

Jafar Panahi / Iran / 1997 / 95 min

Drawing Lots Lotto

Zaza Khalvashi, Tamta Khalvashi / Georgia, Lithuania / 2023 / 84 min / Georgian

An unusual portrait of a close-knit seaside community offering glimpses into the secrets and dreams of an apartment complex’s everyday figures: a melodramatic guitarist, unrequited love-struck teenagers, a classical violinist in a mid-life crisis, and a recently returned criminal.

Žrebec The Stud

Quentin Masters, GB 1978 / 1978

A Serious Man A Serious Man

Joel in Ethan Coen / USA, United Kingdom, France / 2009 / 106 min / English, Hebrew, Yiddish

Žrtev osvete Interference

Lothar Mendes, Roy J. Pomeroy, USA 1929 / 1929

Žrtev pohote Men

Dimitri Buchowetzki / 1924

Žrtva ljubavi Opfer der Liebe

Martin Hartwig, GER 1923 / 1923

In the Open El Campo

Hernán Belón / Argentina, Italy, France / 2010 / 85 min

Headnoise Zvenenje v glavi

Andrej Košak / Slovenia / 2002 / 90 min / Slovene

Zver Dúvad

Zoltán Fábri, H 1959 / 1959

The Beast La bête

Bertrand Bonello / France, Canada / 2023 / 146 min / French

Loosely adapted from Henry James’ 1903 novel The Beast in the Jungle, Bertrand Bonello’s sci-fi drama film borrows the idea that there’s something terrifying lurking in the future, a wild animal we cannot understand just waiting to ravage us.

The Beasts As bestas

Rodrigo Sorogoyen / Spain, France / 2022 / 137 min / Spanish, French

A French couple Vincent and Olga have been living for years in a small, rustic village in Galicia. They lead a quiet life practising eco-responsible farming. Their idyllic existence derails and spins out of control when they are the only ones in the village opposing the installation of wind turbines…