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I Am Toxic Soy tóxico

Pablo Parés / Argentina / 2018 / 81 min / Spanish

This zombie movie from Argentina sees the future as a dark battleground for the last vestiges of human dignity.

It is the year 2101 and the southern hemisphere of the planet turns out to be the garbage dump of the world today. There, in the middle of that huge and endless international cemetery, a man wakes up among the dead without remembering anything about his past. Who is he? How did he end up there? Amnesia is the first stage of an infection that turns humans into dried husks of flesh. Desperate, he will try to find the answers to a situation he does not understand and that scares him.

"This low-budget homage to Mad Max: Fury Road, I Am Toxic has all the typical dystopian traits: arid wastelands, sepia tones, gruff apocalyptic shouting. Under clear influence from George A. Romero and Joe Dante, South American horror stalwarts Pablo Parés and Daniel de la Vega have produced a hostile imaginary, an Argentina both primitive and futuristic." (Joseph Owen, The Playlist)

Pablo Parés
Born in Buenos Aires in 1978. He started shooting short films as a teenager and made his feature directorial debut with the horror film Jennifer's Shadow. Since then, he has made ten feature films.

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