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From 25 September 2021

My Brother Chases Dinosaurs Mio Fratello Rincorre i Dinosauri

Stefano Cipani / Italy, Spain / 2019 / 101 min / Slovene subtitles, Italian / 12+

Based on a true story and the eponymous book by Giacomo Mazzariol, My Brother Chases Dinosaurs is a heart-rending and comic account of the challenges of adolescence, the importance of accepting difference and accepting yourself for who you are. Young jurors from 32 countries have elected the film as the winner of the EFA Young Audience Award.

directed by Stefano Cipani , screenplay Fabio Bonifacci po istoimenski knjigi Giacoma Mayyariola, cinematograhpy Sergi Bartrolí, music Lucas Vidali, editing Massiomo Quaglia, cast Alessandro Gassmann (Davide), Isabella Ragonese (Katia), Rossy de Palma (Rock), Francesco Gheghi (Jack), Gea Dall'Orto (Chiara), Maria Vittoria Dallasta (Alice), Lorenzo Sisto (Gio), producers Isabella Cocuzza, Antonia Nava, Arturo Paglia


Jack has a brother, Gio, who has Down syndrome. As a child, Jack believed the lie his parents told him, that Gio was a special being with superpowers, as in a comic book. Now that he is about to go to high school, Jack no longer believes that his brother is a superhero, in fact, he is almost ashamed of him, especially since he met Arianna, the first love of his life. Jack cannot allow himself to make any gaffes of bad impressions with the girl of his dreams and looking after his little brother and his unpredictable behaviour soon becomes a burden. But you cannot be loved by someone as you are, if you cannot love someone despite his faults.

"/…/ The reason why I personally love this novel is that it is fundamentally a story about friendship: that between Jack and his brother Gio. This genre, which could be defined in some ways as a buddy movie, is very much in tune with my sensibilities. Unconventional friendships are what attracts me the most and stimulates me to analyse human relationships."
- Stefano Cipani

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