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Casper and Emma's Winter Vacation Karsten og Petra på vinterferie

Arne Lindtner Næss / Norway / 2014 / 73 min / live dubbing / 4+

A story about friendship between two five-year-olds that also features talking soft toys. Casper and Emma are spending their winter holidays with Emma’s grandpa, skiing merrily during the day and spending the night in a genuine igloo!

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Casper and Emma are back in this follow-up to last year’s hit, this time on a skiing holiday. They’re having an extra special time, including a real-life igloo in which they get to spend the night! They’re playing in the snow and having the time of their lives – until Peter shows up. He’s very good at skiing and Emma considers him her new special friend. As Casper cannot demonstrate such sporting prowess, he’s losing Emma’s affection and, what’s more, his parents are quarrelling on a daily basis. Casper is at a loss. Will he be able to overcome his fears in order to win Emma back and prevent his parents from divorcing? A mixture of fiction and animation, the film displays great feel for the youngest audiences. Although with longer running time, the film keeps the children nailed to their seats.

“I tried to create a similar atmosphere to the one prevailing in the books about Casper and Emma. Nevertheless, I had to maintain the right measure of dramatic tension.” (Arne Lindtner Naess)

Arne Lindtner Naess
Born in 1944, Lindtner Naess trained as an actor and has performed at almost every theatre in Norway, in addition to numerous roles in film and television. Since 1985 he’s also expanded to the roles of writer, director and creative producer for both stage and screen, and has established himself as a veteran of Norwegian family and children’s cinema.

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