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Spletni šolski katalog je seznam filmov za otroke in mlade, ki jih priporočamo za ogled v Kinodvorovem šolskem programu. Priporočeni filmi za vrtce in šole so na voljo za predvajanje v Kinodvoru in drugih kinematografih Art kino mreže. Seznam posodabljamo sproti, novosti pa najdete v tiskanem Šolskem katalogu, ki izide v avgustu. Če bi ga želeli brezplačno prejeti, nam pišite.

Pri iskanju gradiv si lahko pomagate s starostnimi skupinami:
V … priporočamo za predšolske otroke | OŠ/1 … priporočamo za učence v 1. triletju osnovne šole | OŠ/2 … priporočamo za učence v 2. triletju osnovne šole | OŠ/3 … priporočamo za učence v 3. triletju osnovne šole | SŠ … priporočamo za dijake in študente

Gepack Gepack

Žiga Kukovič / Slovenia / 2024 / 90 min / Croatian, Slovene

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2, OŠ/3

Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds Sirocco et le Royaume des courants d’air

Benoît Chieux / France, Belgium / 2023 / 75 min / Dubbed / 6+

Agnès, the neighbour of Juliette (4 years old) and Carmen (8 years old), writes children’s books that take place in a fantastic world, The Kingdom of the Winds. The two sisters discover a passage between their world and this extraordinary universe. Once there, the two girls are transformed into cats and separated from each other. They will have to show temerity and daring to find each other. With the help of the singer Selma, they will try to reach the real world by confronting Sirocco, the master of winds and storms… But is he as terrifying as they imagine?

SŠ, OŠ/3

Robot Dreams Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger / Spain, France / 2023 / 101 min / No dialogue / 12+

Without the use of words, this animated film manages to paint a colourful and warm story about the significance of friendship and loss.

SŠ, OŠ/3

The Holdovers The Holdovers

Alexander Payne / USA / 2023 / 133 min / English

Twenty years after Sideways, Alexander Payne reunites with actor Paul Giamatti to tell a warm and witty story about finding family, the deceit of first impressions, and quiet, everyday life-changing braveries. Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy category.

SŠ, OŠ/3

Barbie Barbie

Greta Gerwig / USA / 2023 / 114 min / English

Barbie Land: the perfect town with perfect inhabitants. Unless you are deep in an existential crisis. Or if you’re Ken… Greta Gerwig directed the film based on a script that she wrote together with Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha, Marriage Story). Barbie won two Golden Globes and eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Monster Kaibutsu

Hirokazu Koreeda / Japan / 2023 / 127 min / Slovene subtitles, Japanese

Awarded the Best Screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival, this is a film by the great film humanist Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters), where he employs the ultimate mastery in juggling with our beliefs and expectations. Monster is the last film to feature original music by maestro Ryuichi Sakamoto who passed away last year.

Afire Roter Himmel

Christian Petzold / Germany / 2023 / 103 min / German

Afire is a story about a summer after which things will never be the same again. The ruthless and emotionally complex comedy of manners won Christian Petzold (Phoenix, Undine) a Silver Bear at the last Berlinale.

OŠ/1, OŠ/2

Nina and the Hedgehog's Secret Nina et le secret du hérisson

Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol / France, Luxembourg / 2023 / 77 min / Dubbed / 7+

10-year-old Nina has always filled her imagination with her dad’s hedgehog diverting stories. But when he loses his job, Nina starts to worry about the future of her family. After hearing rumors of a treasure hidden by the old factory’s boss, Nina and her best friend Mehdi decide to organize a risky hold-up, to share the swag between her father and his fellow co-workers. A crazy adventure begins…

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2, OŠ/3

Dancing Queen Dancing Queen

Aurora Gossé / Norway / 2023 / 92 min / Slovene subtitles, Norwegian / 8+

Mina falls madly in love with the famous dancer Edwin and decides to start dancing.

Film ima dodatno gradivo.

Prepih v glavi Prepih v glavi

razno / Slovenia / 2023 / 65 min / Slovene subtitles, Slovene

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2

Green Elephant Zeleni Slon

Slovenia, Estonia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Latvia / 2023 / 41 min / No dialogue, Slovene subtitles, English / 7+

Animated shorts that explore topical environmental and natural science issues

Film ima dodatno gradivo.

Vzornik Vzornik

Nejc Gazvoda / Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic / 2023 / 98 min / Slovene

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
SŠ, OŠ/3

Zeleni Slon 11+ Zeleni Slon

Slovenia, Estonia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France / 2023 / 55 min / No dialogue, Slovene subtitles, English, French / 11+

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2

The Diary of Paulina P. Dnevnik Pauline P.

Neven Hitrec / Croatia / 2023 / 96 min / Dubbed / 7+

This is a story about Paulina P. in which we follow her adventures in class and at home, as well as all the problems she successfully overcomes during the school year. The movie is based on a famous children’s book in which she talks about her friendship, love, and family-related problems through comic situations.

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2, OŠ/3

Škatla z barvami Škatla z barvami

razno / Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium / 2023 / 31 min / No dialogue, Slovene subtitles

OŠ/2, SŠ, OŠ/3

Wonka Wonka

Paul King / United Kingdom, USA / 2023 / 116 min / Slovene subtitles, English / 9+


Kratkohlačniki: Za vogalom Kratkohlačniki: Za vogalom

Áron Horváth Botka, Martin Turk, Anton Martin Emeršič, Katarina Rešek, Urša Kos / Slovenia / 2023 / 79 min / Slovene / 12+

OŠ/2, SŠ, OŠ/3

V moji koži: Prikrito življenje razreda V moji koži: Prikrito življenje razreda

razno / France, Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium / 2023 / 68 min / Slovene subtitles, Dutch, Slovene, French

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, V

Magical Friendships Čarobna prijateljstva

različni avtorji / Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic / 2023 / 32 min / No dialogue / 3+

This is a selection of six short animated stories about warm and unusual friendships, which can sometimes be put to the test. Covering a charmingly wide range of styles, the captivating works are suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2, V

Rosa and the Stone Troll Roselil og Stentrolden

Karla Nor Holmbäck / Denmark / 2023 / 75 min / Dubbed / 5+

An adventurous tale about small creatures, great courage and an even bigger friendship. 

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
OŠ/1, OŠ/2

A Cat's Life Mon chat et moi - La grande aventure de Rroû

Guillaume Maidatchevsky / France / 2023 / 83 min / Slovene subtitles, French / 7+

OŠ/1, OŠ/2, OŠ/3

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light Tonda, Slávka a kouzelné světlo

Filip Pošivač / Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia / 2023 / 82 min / Dubbed / 7+

Eleven-year-old Tony has a unique feature he was born with – he glows. He spends his days at home in his blanket bunker and dreams about having a friend. Before Christmas, a peculiar girl named Shelly moves into his house and turns his world upside down. Together, they embark on an adventurous search for the origin of the mysterious tufts of darkness which suck the sunshine out of their house.

Film ima dodatno gradivo.
SŠ, OŠ/3

Whisper of a Butterfly Šepet metulja

Alen Pavšar / Slovenia / 2023 / 110 min / Slovene / 12+

Past Lives Past Lives

Celine Song / USA / 2023 / 105 min / Korean, English

A budding childhood romance between Nora and Hae Sung, classmates at a primary school in Seoul, ends abruptly when Nora’s family emigrates to Canada. Many years later Nora, now a playwriting student in New York, notices that Hae Sung has been searching for her on social media… Cinematic debut by New York based playwright Celine Song.

SŠ, OŠ/3

Kaj pa Ester? Kaj pa Ester?

Tosja Flaker Berce / Slovenia / 2023 / 83 min / Slovene / 14+