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Kurja Polt: The Last HURRAH!
19 April 2024

Dear Colleagues, Dear Guests, Dear Friends of Kurja Polt Festival,

These words don’t come easy, so let me rip off the bandage: Kurja Polt Festival is closing its doors. For a decade, we worked with passion and dedication to create our precious celebration of daring and dangerous cinema. We exhausted our energy, skills and knowledge to counterbalance a profound lack of funding and the giant snowball that rolls in its wake. We fought the windmills with good humour and gusto! But sadly, I’m exhausted and it’s time to say goodbye. Oh, there are so many more films we’d love to show you! And I hope we meet again someday in a darkened theatre…

So, how does April 19 sound? Come join us, dear friends, for one last night of cinematic debauchery, let’s give Kurja Polt the farewell she deserves. May tears and beers flow like waterfalls!

– Maša Peče, Festival Director

Festival Organizer

Trubarjeva 22
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

M: +386 41 284 327

Kurja Polt Genre Film Festival

Kurja Polt Genre Film Festival celebrates and screens those wonderfully bizarre, daring and wild works of cinema that proudly wave the banners of cult, genre, off mainstream, exploitation, B movie, camp, paracinema and the likes. Some are film orphans and bastards without a pedigree, others the suppressed, banned or overlooked films by the great auteurs. Together, they form a cinematic subculture with its own creed, style, membership and its eternal place on the margins of canon, from where they rage against the conventionality and conformism of mass culture, against the social, political and cinematic status quo.

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