The Box Office is open from 15:30 till 21:00 (will open in 08:26).
8th International Kinotrip Film Festival

8th International Kinotrip Film Festival

Between October 19 and 21: three eventful days of films, talks with guests, mingling and fun – all selected and prepared by the young programme team. Stay tuned for more!

“What is Kinotrip? Kinotrip is a really awesome festival for young people created by young people… Just a really cute little festival!”
– Santana, a member of Kinotrip’s third generation

The Kinotrip International Film Festival is the biggest event in the Kinotrip programme. Curated and presented by and for young people, the annual festival offers a variety of films and events.

Kinotrip presents three days in October of films ranging in genre, content, length and country of origin. Other events include Q&As, film workshops, exhibitions, get-togethers and a party, all organised by young people, joined by members of various youth organisations.

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