Zoran, my Nephew the Idiot Zoran, il mio nipote scemo

Matteo Oleotto / Italy, Slovenia / 2013 / 106 min


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Debut feature by Matteo Oleotto, an honest and witty account of an encounter between two people from entirely dissimilar worlds. Set on the border between Slovenia and Italy, the film received the Audience Award at the 2013 Venice Festivals’ Critics Week.

Forty-year-old Paolo lives in a small Friulian town. When not working as a cook in a retirement home, Paolo spends his days at the local tavern Pri Guštinu and stubbornly stalks his ex-wife. One day, unexpectedly, he meets his nephew Zoran, an awkward sixteen-year-old boy grown up in the Slovenian mountains. With the death of the boy’s aunt, Paolo is his only remaining relative. Reluctantly, he takes care of him, and soon discovers Zoran’s bizarre gift: a phenomenal mastery of darts. Paolo thinks this is the right chance to take revenge on the world: he will take Zoran to a world championship, and compete for the high monetary prize. 

“I have always thought that, as for your first film, you have to focus on something that you know very well. And I do know this very well. I know my land and all its eccentricities and beauties, I know the people living there and I have always been attracted by their way of relating to each other.” (Matteo Oleotto)

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