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Inside Yeralti

Zeki Demirkubuz / Turkey / 2012 / 107 min

A screen adaptation of Notes from the Underground, a novel by F. M. Dostoevsky, the soul-stirring existentialist drama delves into the animal side of human nature.

A discontented public servant, Muharrem hates everyone and believes everyone hates him back. He spends his days in an apartment where the only company he has is his cleaning maid, Türkan. One day he invites himself to a celebration by a former friend. As the evening progresses, civility starts making way for harmless bragging, old grudges and confrontation. At night, Muharrem’s rage surges over the dark streets and sleazy hotel rooms. He must find a way to deal with his outrage, frustration and shame.

»Existentialism is the simplest and clearest way of expression for me. When I look at my ideas, ideologies that I subscribe to, or sociological and cultural values of humanity, I find that existentialism can embrace all of those and will never change.« (Zeki Demirkubuz)

Zeki Demirkubuz
Born in Isparta, Turkey, in 1964. Following the 1980 military coup he served a three-year sentence for his membership in a left-wing political organization. In prison, he developed a passionate interest in literature – mostly reading the classics, especially Dostoevsky. Having served his sentence, he completed his studies, and made his first feature film in 1994. Demirkubuz ranks among the most prominent independent Turkish filmmakers.

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