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The Waldheim Waltz Waldheims Walzer

Ruth Beckermann / Austria / 2018 / 93 min / German

No to Waldheim, no to Waldheim!” chants a crowd of people in the centre of Vienna in 1986. Ruth Beckermann is one of the activists trying to prevent Kurt Waldheim from being elected, documenting the bitter political reality with her camera. More than thirty years later, she uses her footage together with extensive international TV archive material to analyse what marked a turning point in Austria’s political culture. While Waldheim’s attempts to reject the facts and mask the truth stirred revolt, they also effected denial by the Austrian political class and the outbreak of anti-Semitism and patriotism, ultimately resulting in Waldheim's election as President of Austria. Best Documentary Award at Berlinale 2017

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What's On

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Richard Linklater

Thursday, 30. 05. 2024 / 18:00 / Main Hall

Samsara Samsara

Lois Patiño

Thursday, 30. 05. 2024 / 20:30 / Main Hall

A sensory cinematic experience capturing the intercorporeal journey of a soul through the afterlife, from Laos to Zanzibar. In a transcendent sequence, the audience is asked to close their eyes and surrender to a soundscape accompanied by bursts of colour still visible through closed eyelids.

The Boy and the Heron Kimitachi wa do ikiru ka

Hayao Miyazaki

Friday, 31. 05. 2024 / 15:45 / Main Hall

The great Hayao Miyazaki returns with a deeply personal, autobiographical fantasy about life, death, and the art of creating. The winner of this year’s Oscar for animated feature is a film full of breathtaking beauty, mischievous humour, and gentle melancholy.