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Animateka 2014

Eastern and Central European Panorama II (2014) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama II (2014)


One of the inhabitants of the flat earth gains possession of glasses that enable one to see in three dimensions. He has good intentions but controlling one extra dimension proves to be rather complicated…

DRAG ME: An Urban Music Tale
DRAG ME is a story about a “deadly” girl with a “slightly” violent and disturbed response to the paranoia and alienation that the “concrete jungle” can generate. The set is the sleazy backstreets of Athens. The outcome is DRAG ME: An Urban Music Tale.

Endemic's Greed
At the seaside beach the fates of a balding sailor, a young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab are tangling. Going after their greediness, they are meeting themselves by the stall with waffles. This is animated story about primal desires, which are present in the human nature.

Together We Can
The sisters Francka and Mici were baking cakes for close relatives and friends. Mici died. Francka was left alone, she broke both wrists. Thanks to the Almighty, she recovered. She and I now work together. She bakes the cakes and I decorate them. The cake is our meeting point. When people meet for a joint task, they adjust and work towards their common goal.

...simply playing and having fun by means of animation with casual graffiti photos, transforming them into a rhythmic visual collage.

Way Out
The film is about a girl who has decided to leave her home behind and move to a new foreign and rigid place. We follow her through her journey of packing and making decisions. She packs up all of her stuff, what she feels is important to take with her: some clothes, books and some unusual things too. Before she departs to the new unfriendly city she decides to visit a special forest first.

Revenge of the Cockroach People
A bunch of cockroaches want to rise up against human domination. A nuclear disaster will be their key to reach their goal.

Dreamy 16 year old Alerik lives with his grandfather in a war-torn country. When the old man dies during a bombing raid, Alerik seeks revenge. The war is about to take control over Alerik’s life.

Pixie Iip in: Bearly happy
A walking bear is being stopped by a small pixie that immediately starts provoking him. Bear gets really angry and swallows him. We skip time to see the bear making poo, out of which the pixie appears unharmed.

“Fakini” are nothing but bad boys, rebels of failed systems. This story tells of our contemporary global attitude to Nazism, which is, unfortunately, very indifferent. We simply live in the world of ignoring everything – things we should, but also thing we shouldn’t ignore. The only answer is the end of this movie.

A young man works as a shunter. He lives in a solitary house by the tracks. One day a mouse comes to his house. He feeds it and they become friends. Days pass. A beautiful female passenger comes off a train one day and steps foot into the shunter’s house. He offers her a place to stay the night and falls in love with her, but she is terrified of the mouse.

This film speaks about how women idealise and romanticise love affairs and all they do and tolerate to be loved.

Love and Vehicles
Welcome to a world full of vehicles and couples, all travelling together within their meaningless relationships. Two characters, almost like identical twins, but of opposite gender, mirror each other, but never meet. We see them together at the end, waiting for a bus. Are they going to board it together and be like the other couples? Or does fate have other plans?

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Young Ahmed Le Jeune Ahmed

Jean-Pierre, Luc Dardenne

Thursday, 01. 10. 2020 / 15:00 / Main Hall

The Dardenne brothers, renowned for their profoundly human and socially engaged dramas depicting working-class life tackle a story about the impact of religious fanaticism on a young man.

Corpus Christi Boże Ciało

Jan Komasa

Thursday, 01. 10. 2020 / 17:30 / Main Hall

Delphine and Carole Delphine et Carole, insoumuses

Callisto McNulty

Thursday, 01. 10. 2020 / 20:30 / Main Hall