Animateka 2015

Eastern and Central European Panorama I (2015) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama I (2015)

razno / various

Cule and the Salt
Present. Holidays.

Home is a place. A family. A history. Relationships. Home is a memory that forms a person. Maybe a dream? This is a story about a girl coming back Home. This visit brings a storm of chaotic, difficult memories. She needs to deal with them to leave. What is her Home? Is it possible to change it?

The Drawer
The mythology of the labyrinth: someone who sketches it from “this side” creates a self-portrait, someone who enters it loses his way on the path of his own fate, and someone who looks back on it from the “far side” sees time turned back, pulsating eternity.

Even Monkeys Die
I have always been interested in that moment between living and non-living, the moment in which our existence comes to an end; in such a context He discovers his true self.

The title refers to the carnality of the main character. I look for its traces of on his body starting from the umbilical cord, continuing with fingertip lines and ending on wrinkles covering his face. The inseparable attribute of the main character is his suitcase, which becomes his cradle, raft and house. The world around the character is also carnal: the river is palms, earth is a woman, rain is tears.

Ugly Pretty Heart
Rosie is a little girl marginalized because she’s ugly. One day she meets a witch, old and lonely, who makes her wish come true instantly...

One Day in July
A child plays with sand on the beach, but a soldier comes with his gun…

In the mysterious laboratory the Constructor is working to create his new invention – a mechanical Ballet Dancer. He makes her alive using nuts made of copper. He helps her with her first steps and teaches her to dance. The Ballet Dancer doesn't want to accept his instructions and tries to dance on her own which leads to a conflict.

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom of the Darkness…

A common billiard ball goes through stories, people, remote places, driven by the absurd laws of fate, in a fantastic dimension accentuated by rough animation of painting.

House is a short film about longing and hope. The story is set in a fantasy world, in a house on the edge of the forest.

Arcadian Fever
A short film about the life cycle of parasitic alien species. The film follows the last day in the life of parasites on the planet which they occupied, their migration and invasion of a new planet. The film includes a love story.

What would you do if you found a remote control on the ground which stops the world? It happens to our hero and he decides to deal with it his own way. Thanks to his newly gained superpower he starts to use the remote control in his favour. But every action has its reaction and our hero notices strange artefacts that appear when the world stops. These artefacts begin to threaten him. But is he the only one who is in danger?

100% Mood
An ordinary man goes through life in the only way he can – without desires, dreams or aspirations. One of the countless cells in the body of the vast urban monster.

The Alphabet of Small Things
An animated book about the alphabet, where many small things are moving to the music, jumping, trembling, dancing, whistling and inviting the spectator to participate.

Jazz for a Massacre
A tribute to the experimental artist and cineaste Nato Frascà, inventor of “the doodle method”, a form of free expression to explore the unconscious. Ideally applying this method, the film comes out as a musical-pictorial jam-session where Noise of Trouble’s jazz improvisation combines well with the abstract forms, created by Leonardo Carrano directly onto film, and edited by Giuseppe Spina.


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