Animateka 2012

Eastern and Central European Panorama II (2012) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama II (2012)

various / 85 min

Ljudske fronte 12 / Naroden Front 12 / People's Front 12
Ivan Ivanovski (Violeta Kachakova / TRICE FILMS)
Nekdanja jugoslovanska republika Makedonija/the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 2012, HD, 9'45'

'People’s Front 12 is a short animated film that mirrors the contemporary society through interrelated stories, symbols and allegories present in and around the building No 12.

ANImacija / ANImation
Ana Žerjal (ALUO Ljubljana)
Slovenija/Slovenia, 2012, HD, 2'05''

It is a nonsense story that flows from one scene into another, like dreams.

Martina Heyduk (University of Applied Arts Vienna/Martina Heyduk)
Avstrija/Austria, 2011, digiBeta, 7'30''

Flowing, strong colours on a damaged film strip pass by at breakneck speed, with a hollow sound that suggests fireworks and rough weather. Made directly onto the film.

Chintis Lundgren (Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio)
Estonija/Estonia, 2011, BetaSP, 11'25''

Montego has killed his best friend... several times already. But still he keeps reappearing on streetcorners and dark alleys. Boris, the scarred leader of the underground resistance gave the order just before becoming totally detached from himself. Brussels and the Red Cube, also an organisation called the Evil Script have a part to play in Montegos strange paranoid world.

Eni Brandner (Eni Brandner/Amour Fou)
Avstrija/Austria, 2012, HD, 8'40''

Cars flash across the road, passing oil pumps and wind turbines, periphery and suburbs move by in accelerated speed. Through streets, along facades right into the maze of the city. The view to the horizon changes continuously in a sublime accumulation of things that are seemingly supplied in abundance.

Greta Stančiauskaitė (Vilnius College of Technologies and Design)
Litva/Lithuania, 2012, HD, 8'20''

"Outside" – one man’s philosophical journey, during which the relationship between society and individual is contemplated. Is man condemned to be free indeed?

Ukvadrateno / Kwadratacja / The Squarified
Michał Mróz (Michał Mróz)
Poljska/Poland, 2012, HD, 2'55''

Animated film in classical technique, created on a multiplane-camera. Creative fantasy on the square, which creates its own world.

Odlog / Ekkpemothta / Abeyance
Eleni Miltsi (Eleni Miltsi / Athens School of Fine Arts)
Grčija/Greece, 2011, HD, 6'31''

A middle-aged woman lives alone and isolated in an apartment with the sole purpose of cleaning her house. Her perfectionism leads her to the compulsion to clean a stain, which does not go away despite her repeated efforts, until...

Krik / Tipatul / The Scream
Sebastian Cosor (Mediapro Magic)
Romunija/Romania, 2011, HD, 3'22''

"I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature." Edvard Munch, 1893

Krabum / Craboom
Francesco Arcuri (Francesco Arcuri)
Italija/Italy, 2012, HD, 12'25''

Craboom is the onomatopoeic sound of a strong explosion. An animation that reminds of Chagall's dreamy and uneasy world, where daily life elements turn into imagery symbols. In a paper world populated by two-dimensional characters, the interference of a vision breaks the “immovable walk” of a clock, decomposing the harmony of a normal family life into small lonelinesses.Zidak / Cigla / The Brick
Dubravko Mataković (Zagreb film)
Hrvaška/Croatia, 2011, BetaSP, 12'30''

Strangers take the shape of aliens, representing the diversity between races and cultures. Due to increased drug use, the good-natured Ivica and the aliens are turned into crazy tyrants threatening the world.

A film exploring xenophobia, violence and drug use.

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