Humidity Vlažnost

Nikola Ljuca / Serbia, Greece, Netherlands / 2016 / 113 min / Serbian

A razor-sharp portrayal of the upstart generation in present-day Serbia, caught between cocaine abuse and corruption, urban culture and national traditions.

Petar is a smooth businessman, ambitious, firmly part of the nouveau rich. One day his wife Mina vanishes. He keeps her absence a secret, but behind the happy façade of preparing an upcoming family celebration, shady deals at work and weekends of excess with his colleagues, insecurity, nervousness and even aggression begin to set in. A week later, everyone still acts as if nothing has happened. In the atmosphere of pent-up frustration Petar’s carefully built-up world threatens to tumble down like a house of cards.

"Whom do I address with this film? I think it will mostly concern people coming from this generation that gained maturity after 5 October, but then again, there are also lots of exciting things when you’re an outside observer and not part of this generation. /…/ Still, this is Belgrade today, Serbia today. The one who identifies is either you or somebody you know, your neighbour, you see these people out of your window."
(Nikola Ljuca)

Nikola Ljuca
Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1985. He studied film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He took part in the 2011 Berlinale Talent Campus Script Station Project Lab with the first draft of the screenplay for Humidity, his first feature film.

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