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Viva Ludež: The Conversation with the Feral Three Viva Ludež: Razgovor s trojicom od Ferala

Marina Banićević, Saša Stanić / Croatia / 2018 / 99 min

Viva Ludež: The Conversation with the Feral Three gives viewers a glimpse into the viewpoints of renowned Croatian writers, journalists and freethinkers Viktor Ivančić, Predrag Lucić and Boris Dežulović, the founders and main representatives of Feral Tribune, a political satire newspaper that exerted a considerable impact on the ex-Yugoslav media scene.

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What's On

Days of Madness Dani ludila

Damian Nenadić

Thursday, 21. 03. 2019 / 17:30 / Small Hall

A documentary that transports us into the hidden world of mentally atypical and neglected people who have been institutionalised and molded into patients through drugs-based therapy. Through carefully documented moments in the lives of two individuals, the film raises the question as to where madness truly lies here.

Vision Vision

Naomi Kawase

Thursday, 21. 03. 2019 / 18:15 / Main Hall

In this sensitive film, a woman searches for a rare medicinal herb in the depths of a magical forest only to discover traces of her own past. Director Naomi Kawase casts Juliette Binoche in the starring role.

Putin's Witnesses Svideteli Putina

Vitalij Manskij

Thursday, 21. 03. 2019 / 19:30 / Small Hall

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, and Russia is about to undergo a historic transformation. President Boris Yeltsin, aging and weak, steps down and appoints a little-known figure, Vladimir Putin, to replace him. Celebrated filmmaker Vitaly Mansky was there to capture the transition. Now, for the first time ever, he dips into his archives for a rare glimpse at the young Putin and the vast political machine that brought him to power.