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Animateka 2018

Best of the World II (2018) Svetovni jagodni izbor II (2018)

various / 80 min

World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts
Don Hertzfeldt (Bitter Films)
USA, 2017, digital, 23'

In World of Tomorrow’s sequel, Hertzfeldt reinvents science fiction’s laws and displays overwhelming ideas about technology, communication, the future and the present, picking up the character of Emily Prime, a 4-year-old girl inspired by his niece (who voices the character), and is visited by a series of her own cybernetic clones from the future who are making historic tourism.

La Chasse / The Hunt
Alexey Alekseev (Am Stram Gram)
France, 2017, digital, 5'36"

The disappointments of a short-sighted and harmless hunter who took with him by mistake a rabbit instead of his dog to go hunting in the forest. No animal has been injured...

A Fly in the Restaurant
Chen Xi, An Xu (Congrong Film)
China, 2017, digital, 6'20"

In a restaurant in China, waiters and waitresses try to swat flies while a number of diners eat their food.

Flat Dog Town
Max Andersson (Nail Films)
Sweden, 2018, digital, 6'15"

The everyday life of flat dogs. Street poetry of Berlin and the last rolls of Kodachrome.

Simbiosis Carnal
Rocío Álvarez (Zorobabel/Camera etc)
Belgium, 2017, digital, 10'11"

A poetic history of feminine sexuality through the ages.

Chris Shepherd (Autour de Minuit)
France, 2018, digital, 6'

This satirical animation considers why Brexit is happening. A variety of British characters, interviewed the day after the UK voted to leave the EU, speak about what motivated their decision.

Amanda Bonaiuto (California Institute of the Arts)
USA, 2018, digital, 6'05"

A family visits a bizarre funeral home. A mother learns about becoming a widow.

マイリトルゴート / My Little Goat
Tomoki Misato (Tokyo University of the Arts)
Japan, 2018, digital, 10'13"

The mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf's belly. Bus, she can't find Toruku, her eldest son! Where is Toruku?!

Etreintes / Embraced
Justine Vuylsteker (Offshore/NFB)
France, Canada, 2018, digital, 5'

Standing before an open window, a woman gazes at black clouds darkening the horizon. She loves two men—the one who shares her present, and the one who marked her past. Frozen, she struggles against surging memories evoked by objects, the sky—everything. In the clouds, a passionately intertwined couple appears.

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