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Best of the World I (2021) Svetovni jagodni izbor I (2021)

različni avtorji / various / 75 min

Drawn Undrew Draw
Angel Wu (Taipei National University of the Arts/Angel Wu)
Taiwan, 2020, 3'36"

Therapy, the self-questioning part, Q1: Why did you draw? Q2: How did you begin to draw? Q3: Why did you stop drawing? Q4: How did you go back to drawing? Q5: Will you draw on?

La grogne
Alisi Telengut (independent)
Canada, 2021, 9'35"

A child tries desperately to gain her father's affection, but the family dog proves to be a fierce rival. La grogne is a short animated film, a disquieting fable with dark humour, portraying the hurdles to maintaining the family equilibrium.

Les 2 Souliers / The 2 Shoes
Paul Driessen (Miyu Productions/Anikey)
France, Netherlands, 2021, 6'35"

A child, a young man, an adult, and an old man take turns walking to their fate, finding two shiny shoes on their way.

Affairs of the Art
Joanna Quinn (Beryl Productions International/National Film Board of Canada)
UK, Canada, 2021, 16'

How many obsessions can one family have? In Affairs of the Art, we reconnect with Beryl, a working-class heroine who not only reveals her own obsession with drawing but exposes the addictions of her eccentric family, which include pickling, screw threads and pet taxidermy.

I Gotta Look Good for the Apocalypse
Ayce Kartal (Les Valseurs)
France, 2021, 5'35"

March 2020. After China, the whole planet locks itself in. Our world, which we call “real”, is drained of what used to be its substance, and forms of digital life multiply. What if the crisis we are actually experiencing is not a pandemic, but an accelerated derealization of our lives?

Tunable Mimoid
Vladimir Todorović (Hoopsnake Studio/Tadar)
Australia, Serbia, 2020, 7'12"

Scientists discover the unique ability of an extra-terrestrial organism to regenerate after being exposed to harmful radiation waves.

La mer à boire / The Sea Is Too Much to Drink
Charlotte Arene (independent)
France, 2019, 1'53"

La mer à boire is a French idiom that translates as “drinking the sea”. It means a task too great to undertake, or asking too much of someone. I had some trouble with the sea that year.

Divare Chaharom / The Fourth Wall
Mahboobeh Kalaee (DEFC – Documentary and experimental film center)
Iran, 2021, 9'50"

Home and family, relationships, desires, wishes and everything is summarized in the kitchen. The stuttering boy is there alone, playing with his imagination.

Easter Eggs
Nicolas Keppens (Animal Tank/Miyu Productions/Ka-ching Cartoons)
Belgium, France, Netherlands, 2021, 14'40"

The Chinese restaurant is empty. Mister Ping is gone. The exotic birds’ cage stands wide open. No one knows what happened. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as a great opportunity to catch the birds and sell them for a great amount of money. But catching the birds isn’t as simple as it seems.   

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Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

Gero von Boehm

Wednesday, 19. 01. 2022 / 15:00 / Main Hall

Helmut Newton’s controversial photos of—often nude—women always raised the question: did he empower his subjects or treat them merely as sexual objects? Gero von Boehm decided to ask the female stars of his iconic images.

Running Out

The French Dispatch The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson

Wednesday, 19. 01. 2022 / 17:30 / Main Hall

The Mole Agent El Agente Topo

Maite Alberdi

Wednesday, 19. 01. 2022 / 18:45 / Small Hall

When a family become concerned about their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires the 83-year-old Sergio to become a resident and a mole inside the home. While gathering intelligence, the charming senior soon becomes close to several residents and realises the truth beneath the surface is not what anyone had suspected.