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The Lockdown Tower La tour

Guillaume Nicloux / France / 2022 / 89 min / French

Guillaume Nicloux ventures into the realm of horror movies. Spinning an eerie nihilistic tale, the director provides an incisive, stark commentary on the gradual abandonment of all ethical norms in present-day France.

cast Angèle Mac (Assitan), Hatik (Ahmed), Ahmed Abdel Laoui (Chakib), Kylian Larmonie (Duma), Merveille Nsombi (Mansour), Nicolas Pignon (François), Igor Kovalsky (Jordan), Marie Rémond (Audrey)


The inhabitants of a tower wake up one morning to find that their building is shrouded in an opaque fog, obstructing doors and windows – a strange dark matter that devours anything that tries to pass through it. Trapped, the residents try to organize themselves, forming racial gangs, hoarding resources and putting up barricades. However, to ensure their survival, they gradually succumb to their most primitive instincts, until they sink into horror as the foundations of civilisation begin to crack.

The Lockdown Tower was somewhat decided at the time of the confinement during the Covid epidemic, which brought back certain fears that I tried to deal with in this story. That's why it's perhaps my most personal film.” (Guillaume Nicloux)

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