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Watchtower Gözetleme kulesi

Pelin Esmer / Turkey, Germany, France / 2012 / 100 min

Two isolated strangers dealing with tragic events, hiding away from others and fighting their battle of conscience, form a personal connection at a remote lookout tower.

Haunted by a tragic incident, Nihat has isolated himself as the fire warden of a remote observation tower in the midst of densely wooded Turkish landscape. Not far away, at a rural bus station in the region, Seher has taken a job as a hostess. Through a series of events, their lives are brought together and their pasts exposed. Reluctantly choosing companionship over isolation, the pair develops an uneven domestic partnership that allows them to redevelop compassion in their lives and work through their personal pain. 

“The two main locations in the film are like the characters. The watchtower and the small bus station along the road are temporary, transient places. They do not have a sense of belonging just like Seher and Nihat. Neither is home. They are safe, they are shelters yet places to be left.” (Pelin Esmer)

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