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Dogs Câini

Bogdan Mirica / Romania / 2016 / 104 min

Roman comes to a remote village in rural Romania to sell the land he inherited from his departed grandfather. Once there, he is exposed to a series of strange events, all culminating with him discovering that his grandfather used to be a local crime lord and his men will not let go of the land - and their smuggling business - without a fight. Roman has to face his grandfather's deputies, led by Samir, an affable and charismatic Tartar. Meanwhile, Hogas, the local policeman, investigates the finding of a severed foot, but what he's really after is getting revenge at any cost on Samir, his lifetime nemesis.

The new rising star of Romanian Cinema, Bogdan Mirica’s feature debut is an original melange of American crime thriller and Romanian New Wave.

"The film is about human nature. Granted – many films are. But there’s something special about the characters of Dogs – they’re aware that their nature is profoundly corrupted but they just can’t help it. Sometimes in life you’re aware that you’ve chosen the wrong path and yet you stay the course. That’s what happens to my characters. /.../ They don’t just fight each other. Actually, they mostly struggle with themselves" (Bogdan Mirica)

Bogdan Mirica
Born in 1978, up until 2005 Bogdan was a publisher, an advertising writer and a novelist, but he was so passionate about film that he attended Westminster University in London where he majored in screenwriting. In 2011, Bogdan wrote and directed his first short film, Bora Bora, which earned him first international awards. His feature debut, Dogs, screened in Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival.

2011 Bora Bora (short)
2016 Câini (Dogs)

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