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Princess Dragon Princesse Dragon

Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis / France / 2021 / 70 min / live dubbing / 5+

Once upon a time, there was a dragon that lived inside a mountain. Owner of a huge fortune, he didn't have anyone to leave it to. He asked a witch for help, and she offered him three eggs. Baby dragons hatched out of two eggs, and a little girl with a green shock of hair jumped out of the third one.

Initially disappointed, the Dragon adopts the little girl and names her Bristle when he sees her breathing fire. But when he has to pay the Sorcerog for her services with his second most valuable asset, he offers her Bristle – thus throwing her into infinite sadness and forcing her to flee the family cave. While wandering around the forest, Bristle meets a human girl, Princess. The two embark on a journey to the world of men. The Princess's father, King, suffers from an affliction similar to the Dragon’s – his greed has heaped misery on the entire kingdom…

Jean-Jacques Denis
Born in 1975 in France. He studied animation at the École des Gobelins in Paris. He embarked on his career as a storyboarder on different animation series. Since 2010, he has collaborated with Ankama Animations.

Anthony Roux
Born in 1977 in France. Also known under the pseudonym Tot, Roux studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai, Belgium. He is a comic book author, TV series writer, film producer, director, as well as video- and board game designer. He is a co-founder and Creative Director of Ankama Animations.

joint filmography
2015 Dofus, livre 1: Julith (Dofus: Book 1 - Julith)
2019 Princesse Dragon (Princess Dragon)

“On this film, we made the choice of using watercolour and the traditional animation techniques right at the start. We considered it important because children spend countless hours glued to their screens, being overloaded with increasingly sophisticated images… We decided to take a stand against this deluge of computer-generated images and aim more towards Studio Ghibli films than Disney productions.” (Jean Jacques-Denis and Anthony Roux)

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