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From 20 September 2023

No Dogs or Italians Allowed Interdit aux chiens et aux Italiens

Alain Ughetto / France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium / 2022 / 70 min / French

The film is conceived as a fictional dialogue with Cesira, the director’s grandmother, whom he asks everything he would have liked to know. A testimony to the experiences of these generations of Italian migrants and a tribute to their courage.  

Directed by: Alain Ughetto, Written by: Alain Ughetto, Alexis Galmot, Anne Paschetta, Character design: David Roussel, Animation: Marjolaine Parot, DOP: Fabien Drouet, Sara Sponga, Editing: Denis Leborgne, Set Design: Jean-Marc Ogier, Music: Nicola Piovani, Voices: Ariane Ascaride (Cesira), Alain Ughetto (pripovedovalec/the narrator), Producer: Alexandre Cornu, Co-producers: Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois, Ilan Urroz, Nicolas Flory, Manuel , Poutte, Enrica Capra, Luis Correia, Nicolas Burlet, Production: Les Films du Tambour de Soie, Co-production: Vivement Lundi !, Foliascope Graffiti Film, Lux Fugit Film et Umedia, Nadasdy Film, Ocidental Filmes, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Distribution in Slovenia:Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta



Beginning of the 20th century – Ughettera, Northern Italy, the Ughetto family’s village. Living in the region had become very difficult and the Ughettos dream of a better life abroad. Legend has it that Luigi Ughetto crossed the Alps starting a new life in France, thus changing the destiny of his beloved family forever. His grandson travels back in time revisiting their history.

"At the beginning: an old image circulating on the net intrigued me, a black and white sign hanging in front of an old café: No dogs or Italians allowed. I thought that this image came from Savoy, or from Ain or maybe from Switzerland, but in fact its first appearance was in Belgium. Other countries followed, but it was part of my history. The violence, the cruelty and the ferocity of this little sign that welcomed migrants fits perfectly with the historical evocation that is the basis of the theme of this film. An entire scene is devoted to this poster which became the title."
- Alain Ughetto

"The technique we used had to keep a “handmade” aspect (there is always a question of hands in this film, especially Luigi’s, which were so beautiful according to Cesira), an artisanal approach, because its raw material was what could be found in the Piedmont where the Ughetto family comes from. Charcoal to represent the mountains, the pieces of sugar from the sugar box become the bricks of a wall, the chestnuts of the polenta are the stones that mark the paths and the broccoli become trees..."
- Alexandre Cornu, Executive producer

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