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Come Along Pojdi z mano

Igor Šterk / Slovenia / 2016 / 83 min / Slovene / 9+

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The warm and suspense-ridden story about coming of age, love, friendship and bravery and an original look at the situation that arises when technology stops working.

Eager to take an original photo for their school competition, four teenagers leave their familiar urban environment and head out on an expedition to the countryside. In the remote hills, the seemingly innocent photo-session turns into a struggle for survival. The expedition is headed by Manc, a boy who is facing expulsion for being suspected of theft. For him this is a chance to relive the childhood he spent in these hills with his grandfather. Manc is joined by his friends Mina, Oto and Špurč. Mina, the pampered daughter of an actress and conductor, is the first to break down in the foreign environment, and is comforted by the infatuated Oto. In this desolate world even Špurč, son of a wealthy auto body repairman, turns into a cowardly brat. In the end, it is Manc who safely takes them home.

“It was my desire to basically make a really good children’s film, but one that would appeal to all generations. We were lucky to find four truly extraordinary young actors that carry the film and make the story truly come alive. We have searched high and low for spectacular locations and have managed to show Slovenia from an original new angle.” (Igor Šterk)

Igor Šterk
Born in 1968 in Ljubljana, Šterk graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV Ljubljana. His feature-film debut, Express-Express, won as many as 15 international wards. His films regularly screen in competitive sections of major international festivals; Come Along entered the main competition programme at CINEKID in Amsterdam, one of the most prominent children’s film festivals.

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