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Panorama I (2023) Panorama I (2023)

različni avtorji / various / 77 min

Panorama is a strand that gives you the best insight into what regional animation cinema has to offer.

Plavi medo / Blue Teddy Bear
Marina Andree Škop (PomPom Film/Artileria)
Croatia, Slovakia, 2023, 10'22"

A boy got a blue teddy bear for his fifth birthday. Although he desperately wanted to open the gift, his mom wouldn't let him because bacteria and dust often live on plush toys. When he grew up and became a dad, he decided to do everything to make his son’s dreams come true.

Tine in Bine, tigrasta komarja: Tango / Tine And Bine, Tiger Mosquitos: Tango
Grega Mastnak (Ozor Animations)
Slovenia, 2022, 2'

To the rhythm of tango, a fierce battle for a female dance partner erupts between two male mosquitos. Then, a wild switch of partners causes some sexual identity confusion.

La baleine / The Whale
Leandro Basso, Tom Tirabosco (Nadasdy Film/RTS)
Switzerland, 2022, 11'35"

A young man leaves his dying mother in hospital and discovers a whale washed up on a beach. The Whale tells a story of mourning through dreamed memories born out of the fear of an inevitable end.

Meditáció alkonyatkor / Meditation at Dusk
Judit Erdélyi (Hyperion-Live)
Hungary, 2023, 7'27"

Life is about actions. Do these actions really fill our life? What else could be even more important for us? Through the eyes and dreams of a cat we can search for answers to these questions.

Andrej Rehak (Zagreb film)
Croatia, 2023, 8'05"

One of the properties of chaos is the appearance of a pattern, regardless of scale. Paradeigma is a sample of the pattern. We witness a grounded figure who, for fear of free fall and the discomfort of the rain, has locked itself into an enchanted square that it can no longer leave. The protagonist's manifestation is a repeating sample of a self-similar pattern.

In una goccia / In a Drop
Valeria Weerasinghe (Sayonara Film)
Italy, 2023, 7'45"

Split between two cultures, a young girl falls into an imaginary jungle to escape her daily life. Guided by a drop, she finds herself in front of her roots and realises her heritage will forever be an important part of her identity.

Wo ich wohne / Where I Live
Susi Jirkuff (independent)
Austria, 2022, 10'58"

The animation traces a person’s sudden descent, not only narratively, but also visually, image by image. Right at the start, the protagonist says, “I’ve been living one floor below since yesterday.” But no one around her reacts to this extraordinary situation.

Deserowy jamnik / Dessert Dachshund
Betina Bożek (Film Kraków)
Poland, 2022, 7'20"

Dessert Dachshund is a surreal story about a dog living inside wedding cakes. The dachshund, fortune telling future young couples, is a symbol of the superficiality of relationships.

Beatrice Jäggi (prêt-à-tourner)
Switzerland, 2022, 8'

In the cellar, young Ethel discovers a box with clothes that belonged to her late mother and embarks to unearth memories. The child attempts to understand her mother’s passion. A tale of letting go and growing up.

Kiesler's Körper / Kiesler's Body
Ganaël Dumreicher (Ganaël Dumreicher/Filmakademie Wien)
Austria, 2023, 3'38"

Architectural theorist Frederick Kiesler designed a place of film projection that focuses on the screen and makes us forget everything around us. With animated spatial models of his cinema, the film implements the idea of a boundless cinematic space in a surreal, visceral and extremely direct way.

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