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Zmagati Vincere

Marco Bellocchio / Italy / 2009 / 128 min / German

Zmagovalec ...reitet für Deutschland

Arthur Maria Rabenalt, I 1941 / 1941

Zmagovalec Broadway Bill

Frank Capra, USA 1934 / 1934

Winwin Winwin

Daniel Hoesl / Austria / 2016 / 84 min / English, German

A biting satire on present-day capitalist society and its typical representatives, just as sterile and replaceable as the money they trust more than anything else in the world.

Zmajevo seme II. del Dragon Seed

Jack Conway, Harold S. Bucquet, USA 1944 / 1944

Princess Dragon Princesse Dragon

Anthony Roux, Jean-Jacques Denis / France / 2021 / 70 min / live dubbing / 5+

Once upon a time, there was a dragon that lived inside a mountain. Owner of a huge fortune, he didn’t have anyone to leave it to. He asked a witch for help, and she offered him three eggs. Baby dragons hatched out of two eggs, and a little girl with a green shock of hair jumped out of the third one.

Omen Augure

Baloji / Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany / 2023 / 90 min

This debut feature from Belgian-Congolese musician, multimedia artist, and filmmaker Baloji is a phantasmagorical story of four characters accused of witchcraft. The winner of the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Festival and Belgian Oscar candidate.

Zoe do groba Killing Zoe

Roger Avary, USA/F 1993 / 1993

Zog Zog

Max Lang, Daniel Snaddon / United Kingdom / 2018 / 27 min / Dubbed / 3+

A keen but accident-prone dragon learns how to become a dragon at Dragon School.