Unfair World Adikos kosmos

Filippos Tsitos / Greece, Germany / 2012 / 118 min

A melancholy comedy with phlegmatic characters and the stylised, minimalist scenes reminiscent of the work by Aki Kaurismäki and Jacques Tati as well as Yorgos Lanthimos.

A policeman nearing retirement, Sotiris’ work consists of interrogating suspects. One day, he decides he only wants to be just – he will forgive any suspect whom life has treated unkindly. This means that all his interviewees are let off, and his decision leads him into making a fatal mistake during a corruption hearing. Dora, a cleaning lady, who is desperately trying to keep her head above water in a bankrupt country, is the only person who can help him. The tired policeman trusts her and they even seem to be falling in love. However, time and again, Sotiris' desire for faith and honesty is invalidated. It’s hard to be fair in an unfair world.

»Unfair World is about a police officer who wants to be fair even though he knows the world around him is not. It’s the story of a person who believes in honesty even if no one else does. I’m not interested in addressing a niche audience. I make films for everyone, but at the same time I don’t like selling the viewer short. I’m not going to dish out phony sentimentality or easy laughs. Our main concern while making Unfair World was to get our point across in the most honest way possible.« (Filippos Tsitos)

Filippos Tsitos
Born in 1966 in Greece, Tsitos studied business administration at the Athens University and film direction at the German Film and Television Academy, Berlin, where he has lived since 1998. He worked as a photographer, assistant director and radio producer before opting to attend the Berlin film academy. Unfair World is his third feature film.



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