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The Strange Little Cat Das merkwürdige Kätzchen

Ramon Zürcher / Germany / 2013 / 72 min

Lacking in story but oozing with charm, the original oddball debut finds a world of comic possibility inside a single family apartment.

It is a Saturday in autumn, and Karin and Simon are visiting their parents and youngest sister Clara. This family gathering provides the occasion for a dinner together, at which other relatives appear over the course of the day. While the family members animate the apartment’s space with their conversations, everyday activities and cooking preparations, the cat and dog range through the various rooms. They too become a central element in this quotidian familial dance that repeatedly manifests stylized elements, disrupting any naturalistic mode of presentation. In this way, adjoining spaces open up between family drama, fairy tale and the psychological study of a mother.

“The film plays out for the most part in the enclosed area of a family apartment. In this model space, I want to create a condensed universe in which the ‘thrownness’ into an absurd existence shines from behind everyday actions and conversations; in which the difficulty of communicating experiences and feelings continually renews the characters’ isolation from one another. The characters are repeatedly compelled to act, simply in order to fill the emptiness of their surroundings.” (Ramon Zürcher)


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