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Our Children À perdre la raison

Joachim Lafosse / Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France / 2012 / 111 min / French


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A study of a man divided between family tradition and love, and the tragedy that ensues when a third person enters a partnership of two.

A young couple, Murielle and Mounir, love each other passionately, making grand plans for the future. Ever since he was a boy, Mounir has been living with Doctor Pinget, who has taken on the role of his surrogate father and has looked after him devotedly. When the couple have children, doctor’s presence seems to permeate Murielle and Mounir’s relationship. Murielle finds herself captive of her husband’s family tradition, and the word »home« suddenly acquires a distorted meaning, while an unhealthy emotional climate insidiously leads the family towards a tragic outcome.

»The family is where we learn about democracy and is also the best place to observe dictatorship in action. I know that it's a violent setting. What interests me in a family are the dysfunctions. All those things that we are unable to detect but that we take part in. The reasons why we are uneasy without knowing where the problem arises from. Why we are unable to break free of the bonds. Cinematically, a perverse bond is a fascinating subject because it is one that hides and is fuelled by complex characters.«
- Joachim Lafosse

Joachim Lafosse
Born in 1975 in Uccle, Belgium. After graduating from the IAD (Institut des arts de diffusion) at Louvain-la-Neuve, Lafosse first made some shorts. He shot his first full-length feature, Private Madness, in 2004. 2006 saw the release of Private Property, which debuted in the competitive section of the Venice Film Festival. His 2012 film, Our Children, competed in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

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