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The County Héraðið

Grímur Hákonarson / Iceland, Germany, France, Denmark / 2019 / 92 min / Icelandic

A simple widowed farmer begins a new life on her own terms by fighting against corruption and injustice in a male-dominated community. A quiet paean to female courage imbued with typical Icelandic simplicity and honesty.

Set in a small Icelandic farming community, this is a story about Inga, a middle-aged dairy farmer who rebels against the all-powerful local Cooperative. Inga tries to get other farmers to join her in rising up against the Co-op’s corruption, but encounters great resistance, forcing her to confront the community’s dependence and loyalty to this dominant enterprise. Inga must use her resourcefulness and cunning to break free of the Co-op’s grasp and finally live life on her own terms.

“We said that the cinematography should follow Inga’s soul and her inner life as she goes through all the stages of grief. It all starts in the winter and she is clearly not happy – they are in debt, then the accident happens. So, the film begins in the darkness and then it gets brighter, because she gets stronger as the journey goes further. But generally, the visual style is similar to Rams, with static wide shots, long takes.” (Grímur Hákonarson)

Grímur Hákonarson
Born in 1977 in Iceland. He graduated from FAMU in Prague. His first feature film, Summerland, was nominated for the Edda Award. His next feature film, Rams, won Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Film Festival and the main prize at the Ljubljana Film Festival.

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