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Muri the Cat Maček Muri: štiri zgodbe iz Mačjega mesta

Boris Dolenc, Jernej Žmitek / Slovenia / 2020 / 44 min / Slovene / 4+

Four episodes of the Mury miniseries, among them also the latest one about a nail-biting football game between the Cubs and the Tigers. The series is based on Kajetan Kovič’s eternally popular Mury the Cat.

director Boris Dolenc (1), Jernej Žmitek (2, 3, 4), art director: Matej Lavrenčič, written by: Sandra Ržen, Jernej Žmitek, Boris Dolenc, Jernej Celec based on Kajetan Kovič’s Mury the Cat , music: from the album Maček Muri in Muca Maca, Jerko Novak, Lado Jakša, vocals by Neca Falk, voices: Mury – Marko Mandić, Catsy – Polona Juh, Cheeky – Jernej Šugman and Primož Pirnat, Mickey – Alojz Svete, Mark – Janez Hočevar, Charlie – Bojan Emeršič, Timmy and Tommy – Jurij Zrnec, Mica – Violeta Tomič, Liza – Nina Valič, Jean – Ivo Godnič, Brutus – Sebastian Cavazza, production and distribution Invida d.o.o.

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Programme: Birthday, Going for a Walk, Lunch Time, The Big Game  

Birthday (2013)
In the first episode, the day begins as usual: "...listen now, the clock is striking, time for Mury to be waking..." Luckily, Mury has his friend Miki the inventor to remind him to wish Catsy a happy birthday. Mury wants to surprise her with something special, so he invites her for lunch already in the morning. Catsy enthusiastically accepts.

Going for a Walk (2016)
Mury takes a stroll to the main square, where he has a date with Catsy. On the way there, he's the victim of a little prank by the rascal Cheeky, who "hides his face behind a cloak, in his paws the crackers smoke". Lucky for Mury, his stroll ends on a happy note, as they finally head to lunch with Catsy.

Lunch Time (2018)
In the third episode, we meet Cat City's greatest chef – Jean, who fries "livers and the brain, roasting fish, cooking crabs, fancy steaks and posh sauces". When it's time for lunch, however, Jean bolts out of his restaurant, scared for his life. Nobody knows why, but it soon turns out the place is haunted! A courageous group of cats led by Mury decide to save the restaurant and the lunch, for everyone, including Catsy, is terribly hungry.

The Big Game (2020)
A crowd of cats has gathered at the cat stadium to see the nail-baiting game between the Cubs, the team from Cat City with Mury as the captain and Cheeky as the goalkeeper, and the Tigers from the neighbouring city of Catmandu. The Tigers have been beaten many times, but today they have a new captain – the cunning Brutus. The Cubs will thus be in a pinch! Will after today’s game still hold that the cubs never lose because “they fight like lions when they play”? Let the game begin!

About the Mury miniseries
The Mury miniseries tells a story about the well-known characters from Kajetan Kovič’s Mury the Cat. The miniseries also includes songs about Mury the Cat performed by Neca Falk. It thus brings together the visually reimagined characters we all know, music and new prankish plots that put a smile on any viewer’s face, regardless of their age.

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