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Love in the Face of Genocide + Tamburreddhu – Resistenza sonora Salentina Evîn di rûyê qirkirinê de + Tamburreddhu – Resistenza sonora Salentina

Şêro Hindê; Claudio »Cavallo« Giagnotti, Pierluigi de Donno / 2020 / 103 min

Love in the Face of Genocide
In the Sinjar Mountains, the isolated Yazidi community has suffered more than 74 massacres throughout its history, including the atrocious 2014 attack by ISIS. Love in the Face of Genocide explores how the community's songs of love reflect the suffering, religion and cultural differences, and documents how the Yazidis uphold their oral tradition and express love and sorrow through song.

Tamburreddhu – Resistenza sonora Salentina 
Salento is a peninsula in Apulia, the southwestern tip of Italy. This is the birthplace of pizzica pizzica, a traditional dance accompanied by singing and a drum called the tamburreddhu. However, in the last twenty years, with Salento becoming a popular tourist destination, the tamburreddhu has changed. The documentary shows the struggle to preserve the precious instrument, clarifying its difference from the tamburello, a cheap tourist object with no history.

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