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Comedy Queen Comedy Queen

Sanna Lenken / Sweden / 2021 / 94 min / Slovene subtitles, Swedish / 12+

Sasha secretly writes a list of everything she has to do to survive - shave her hair, stop reading books, say no to the world’s cutest puppy and above all - become a Comedy Queen!


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»Sasha is just 13 years old and wants nothing more than to become a stand-up comedian. She wants to make everyone laugh, especially her father who cries in the shower when he thinks no one is listening. Behind her eyes, the life- threatening tears also burn on Sasha, but she refuses to mourn her mother, who has passed away. She secretly writes a list of everything she has to do to survive - shave her hair, stop reading books, say no to the world’s cutest puppy and above all - become a Comedy Queen.

»I'm back to the young girl again, yes, like in My Skinny Sister. There’s an absolute kinship. Together with Night Child and Comedy Queen we have three interconnected stories, all with main characters of the same age and gender. I’m drawn to these topics and to bring in darkness and humour, warmth and an underlying melancholy, ideally captured all in the same moment. Because that's how I think of life, really. Also, all the girls in these films go their own way, they don’t care too much about how others perceive them, at least they try to break free, they harbour a toughness and a fragility, in complex combination. /…/ For me, this is a family film, with a message of hope and hopefulness. And hopefully, it’s unsentimental.«

- Sanna Lenken

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