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The Clan El Clan

Pablo Trapero / Argentina, Spain / 2015 / 108 min

‘Los desaparecidos’ or the ‘disappeared’ is a euphemism that continues to resonate heavily across Argentina. Pablo Trapero based his film on a true story about a seemingly ordinary Argentinian family in the eighties involved in a series of abductions.

On the surface the Puccios look like most other families. Steely-eyed patriarch Arquimedes presides over a household where his wife, sons, and daughters gather for evening meals and discuss their days. Alejandro, the eldest son, is a famed rugby player on Argentina's national team. But under the surface Arquimedes is a cold-blooded criminal, who plans his kidnaps with meticulous precision. Alejandro starts to collaborate with his father and the two split the ransom money between them.

"And the more I read I found that at the heart of the story was this father-son relationship between Alejandro and Arquimedes. You know, over the criminal case, over the historical period I’d be tackling, above all, I knew there was going to be a portrait of the relationship between a father and a son. That’s the motivating engine of the film."
(Pablo Trapero) 

Pablo Trapero
Born in 1971 in Buenos Aires, Trapero is one of the co-founders of the Matanza Cine, a leading Argentinian production house. A screenwriter and director, Trapero’s award-winning films are regularly screened at major film festival across the world.

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