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5. Kinotrip

Kinotripie – A Short Film Programme (2020) Kinotripčič – program kratkih filmov (2020)

razno / various, USA, Palestine / 2019 / 90 min / Polish, English, Arabic, French

Let film take you shortly, but sweetly!

This year’s Kinotripie brings diverse and innovative films that are full of laughter and fun, but also open deeper topics such as drugs, political complications and problems of social networks. The programme will open with a very “trippy” animation, jump to a meta-film mockumentary about unusual cults and stuck-up film crews and then take us to young football fans in Palestine and hilarious and sexy long-haired wolves. At the end, you will even dance with zombies and criticise the technological revolution. The films promise a warm feeling in your heart, good music in your ears, wild images for your eyes and your mouth full of laughter.


Acid Rain
Acid Rain, Tomek Popakul, Poland, 2019, 24 min

Former Cult Member Hears Music for the First Time
Former Cult Member Hears Music for the First Time, Kristoffer Borgli, Norway/USA, 2019, 12 min

Maradona's Legs
Maradona's legs/Ijrain Maradona, Firas Khoury, Germany, Palestine, 2019, 20 min

Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves
Toomas teispool metsikute huntide orgu / Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves, Chintis Lundgren, Draško Ivezić, Estonia/Croatia/France, 2019, 18 min

Zombies, Baloji, Congo/Belgium, 2019, 16 min

In cooperation with Kraken Society and Fekk Short Film Festival.


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What's On

Raise the Bar Hækkum rána

Guðjón Ragnarsson

Sunday, 26. 05. 2024 / 16:00 / Main Hall

A story of 8-13 year old girls, who wanted to change the paradigm in womens basketball in Iceland. With great sacrifice they faced the challenges they met.

Perfect Days Perfect Days

Wim Wenders

Sunday, 26. 05. 2024 / 19:00 / Main Hall

Wim Wenders returns to Tokyo to conceive a touching film song about finding beauty in the tiny moments of everyday life. A film with a nostalgic soundtrack featuring the classics of Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Nina Simone, and others, won Koji Yakushi the Best Actor Award in Cannes.

Samsara Samsara

Lois Patiño

Monday, 27. 05. 2024 / 17:00 / Main Hall

A sensory cinematic experience capturing the intercorporeal journey of a soul through the afterlife, from Laos to Zanzibar. In a transcendent sequence, the audience is asked to close their eyes and surrender to a soundscape accompanied by bursts of colour still visible through closed eyelids.