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I, Olga Hepnarova Já, Olga Hepnarová

Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda / Czech Republic / 2016 / 106 min / Czech


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A contemplative and poetic portrait of the last publicly executed woman in the Czech Republic, a misfit who expressed her protest against the society that had outcast her with a radical act in 1973.

Olga is a complex young woman desperate to break free from her unfeeling family and social conventions. With her tomboyish looks she appears to find her niche as a truck driver. Although she has female lovers she does not form a bond with any of them; instead she clashes, time and again, venting herself in wordless emotional outbursts and other behavioural extremes. One day she intentionally commits an act of violence.

"We tried to get as much information as we could. We drew mostly from the book by Roman Cílek, which is a very high-quality factual account, and we also had access to the court transcripts. We met both with people who knew Olga over longer periods, such as her friend Miroslav, as well as those who interacted with Olga only a few times. It was interesting how much the tragedy continues to affect them even after so many years. When we met they often didn't communicate specific information as much as they expressed strong emotions." (Tomas Weinreb)

Tomáš Weinreb in Petr Kazda
The Czech creative duo consisting of Tomáš Weinreb (b. 1982) and Petr Kazda (b. 1978). Both studied at Prague’s FAMU: Kazda focused on screenwriting, while Weinreb did his studies in documentary film. Together, they have shot several short films. I, Olga Hepnarová is their feature debut.

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