In Darkness We Fall La cueva

Alfredo Montero / Spain / 2014 / 80 min / Spanish

Shaky camera, claustrophobic atmosphere and shouting at the top of one’s voice: In Darkness We Fall is a suspense-ridden thriller that fits in well with the recent Spanish tradition of horror films.

Formentera; white-sand beaches, the crystal clear Mediterranean sea, unspoilt natural beauty and five friends looking forward to the holiday of their lives in this idyllic location. On their second day, the friends discover a hidden cave nestled into the side of a cliff and decide to explore it. Filled with excitement and adrenalin, the friends start to make their way through the countless passageways. Before long, they realise they are lost. They try for hours to find the way back to the surface, eventually deciding to spend the night inside the cave and start searching again the next day.

»The idea was to tell a simple and realistic tale of a situation that anyone could get into. There are no good guys and bad guys, just normal people who are driven to extreme measures due to severe dehydration, disorientation and the darkness they find themselves in. It is only when faced with impending death that our most wild and primal instincts are drawn out of us.« (Alfredo Montero)

Alfredo Montero
Born on the island of Formentera, Spain, Montero made his debut as a feature film director in 2006 with Children, a film about child abuse and pornography, which was awarded at the Malaga and the Montreal international film festivals. Shot on Montero’s native island, In Darkness We Fall marks his second feature film. It premiered at the 2014 Rotterdam Film Festival.

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