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Gondola Gondola

Veit Helmer / Georgia, Germany / 2023 / 85 min / No dialogue

Following his Absurdistan and The Bra, German director Veit Helmer returns to the Caucasus to shoot his latest feature film in the remote mountains of Georgia – a love story told without dialogue about two female cable car attendants. 

cast Nini Soselia, Mathilde Irrmann

A cable car connects a village in the mountains with a small town in the valley. Iva starts working at the cable car as an attendant. The cable car has two gondolas. When one gondola goes up, the other goes down. The gondolas meet each other halfway. The attendant of the other gondola is Nino. Iva and Nino meet each other as they drive past every half hour. And one evening, they meet after hours.

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